Exactly half a year ago we informed you about having kicked off the development of our costing and pricing solution. Now, 2860 development hours later, we have implemented the bulk of its core business logic, including:

  • Creation and management of projects, budgets, and facilities,
  • Support for multiple budget versions within a project, e.g. for scenario modeling and recosting,
  • Real-time calculation of overhead / FTE-based costs such as Indirect and Estate Costs,
  • Configurable costing rules and pricing templates,
  • and more.

And while we continue working towards our objective of providing the most flexible and user-friendly costing and pricing solution available, we invite you to evaluate the current state of the development against this vision: as of now we are offering access to sandpit environments and would very much appreciate you taking a look and giving us your -candid but benevolent- feedback.  If you’re interested, please drop us a mail to hello@blackdackel.com. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!