We are super excited about having started the development of BlackDackel and just finished our first sprint!

While agile software development focuses on the continuous delivery of usable features from the beginning (as opposed to months of upfront specification and design work), the first development cycle (“Sprint 0”) generally provides somewhat less user value as it includes the creation of the basic application skeleton and plumbing; i.e. it puts together a flexible enough framework to enable emergent design in future sprints.

We have, however, concentrated on also creating user value in this sprint and have picked and implemented a few critical requirements (“user stories”):

  • A login dialog with user/password based authentication
  • Minimal browsing of budgets
  • Ability to view the details of a selected budget in a tabular form (currently: DI non-staff costs, DI/DA staff costs, facility costs)
  • Creation of new empty budgets and the addition and deletion of budget lines
  • The basics of a webservice API for programmatic access to budgets

In terms of technology we are building a web application with Java+Spring Boot on the backend (server) side and Google’s Angular JS on the frontend (browser) side: an enterprise-grade technology stack that supports the creation of powerful webservice APIs combined with highly dynamic and reactive user interfaces. This is very much aligned with our design goals of usability and flexible integration options.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading - we’ll carry on and report back in a couple of weeks; the next sprint will focus on facility costs and indexation. In the meantime we are looking forward to any feedback or suggestions, just drop us a line to hello@blackdackel.com (we may also open the blog for comments sometime soon).