Unlike many other young software companies we don’t think of ourselves as a startup. We have no investors, no mission statement, and no free pizza on Wednesdays. We are dedicated to the long term success of our product rather than a “work hard, play hard” culture with long office hours and energy drinks.

Our professional background is in academic research, finance, and software development; each one of us brings unique expertise to the team. At this point we are a team of four which is enough to ensure a good pace as long as we spend our time wisely and with discipline. This requires a lean way of working, with regular but time-boxed meetings (in our case 15 mins. max each morning at 8:15 am) and a high degree of automation when it comes to recurring tasks such as quality control and testing of new features (in our case the execution of an automated test suite at every code change, typically several times a day).

The other part of our philosophy is to keep BlackDackel simple, clean, and affordable rather than growing it into a complex, fragile, and expensive diva. Broad solutions and ecosystems are designed to maximise and exploit vendor lock-ins; providing a focused solution is our way to protect the freedom of our users as well as our freedom to do what we are best at.

Lastly, we know that the successful delivery of an enterprise system is as much about the people as it is about the system itself. In our team we value efficiency and precision but also kindness and quirkiness. We care for each other and for our customers, and our customers care what we do. And now we even have a philosophy. Can it get any better than this?

Your BlackDackel team - Johannes, Ferdinand, Bogdan, and Mihai