Video: Funder and Currency Management

BlackDackel team is heading off for a short break. We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a happy New Year!

Meanwhile, why don’t you relax a few minutes with a video of the latest and greatest developments in your favourite costing system? 😊


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Product Development Update

Exactly half a year ago we informed you about having kicked off the development of our costing and pricing solution. Now, 2860 development hours later, we have implemented the bulk of its core business logic, including:

  • Creation and management of projects, budgets, and facilities,
  • Support for mu...

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“Don’t allow the computer to push you around. Let it know who’s boss.” @Picard tips

Sprint Zero Review

We are super excited about having started the development of BlackDackel and just finished our first sprint!

While agile software development focuses on the continuous delivery of usable features from the beginning (as opposed to months of upfront specification and design work), the first developm...

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